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( Better ) ( than ) ( gutter ) ( guards ) ( or ) ( leaf ) ( guards; ) ( Rain ) ( Louvers ) ( for ) ( your ) ( roof ) ( water: ) ( a ) ( modern ) ( engineering ) ( wonder ) ( that ) ( turns ) ( drips ) ( into ) ( a ) ( spray! ) ( RainSpray ) ( offers ) ( you ) ( a ) ( solution ) ( far ) ( better ) ( than ) ( gutters! )

Professional, Guaranteed RAIN LOUVER Installation
Better Than Roof Gutters!

The modern, high tech engineered replacement for old-fashioned gutters

- Gutter pricing Comparison -

In pricing for Rain Louvers, you may be comparing with local gutter installers. We found that these installers often will quote a "price per foot", but it doesn't mean what you might think it should mean. The price per foot on gutters is not just the footage where the gutters go, but the footage for the downspouts as well. For example, on a 2 story house that has 100 horizontal feet of "drip edge" roof, there will typically be about eight to ten downspouts, which gutter intallers figure at 23 ft each. So, their price would be for 284 to 330 feet, not for 100 feet. Also, with Rain Louvers, the very small roof surfaces can be omitted, since they collect so little water - like hip roof sections on an octagonal breakfast nook. Therefore, the footage to figure Rain Louvers might be well under 100 feet for the same house.

- You can Do your Own Louver Estimate -

You can do a fairly accurate installation estimate yourself. Measure the horizontal length of all the roof drip edge where you want the louvers. Just get someone to hold the other end of a tape measure, and each of you "eyeball" at what's "about even" with the end of the roof drip edge ( unless you want to crawl up ladders to get it exact ). Multiply the total footage by $7.18 for all the one story drip edges, and $7.81 for all two story drip edges. Then multiply the whole thing by 1.07, to allow for waste. In your measuring, do not include any edges that are not horizontal, because no appreciable rain drips off these places - such as along the angular edges of gables. Finally, add $25 for a diverter in every valley that comes within two feet of a drip edge (most valleys come all the way to the drip edges).

Then, this dollar number represents the material (louvers, valley diverters, hardware), and our professional, guaranteed installation of these items. It does not include painting any louvers or hardware, and it does not include removing old gutters. Please let us know if you need these additional services. For two-story areas, old gutter removal is $6 per foot, including cleanup and hauling away. One-story areas are $5 per foot. Painting is $3 per foot, including your choice of paint color and brand. Louvers are available from the factory in White, Dark brown, and Natural Aluminum (silvery color).

CAUTION: Please note that Rain Louvers will not work on tile or metal roofs. The decreased friction of the roof, combined with the way these roofs focus the water in streams, will cause the rain to completely overshoot the louvers in a hard rain.

- Special Considerations -

If your home does not have a VERTICAL (plumb to the ground) fascia board, with a standard 2 inch shingle overhang beyond the fascia, there are adjustments that need to be made for these louvers to work properly.

If your fascia is not plumb, but is perpendicular to the rafter lengths, the louvers would be useless if you mounted the brackets directly on the fascia at that angle. The louver cluster needs to be horizontal, not tilted. So you will need "pitch correction" adapters. Add another $6.50 for each 5 foot section.

If the shingles hang over beyond the fascia more than 2 1/2 inches, you will need to figure on adding horizontal spacers, to get the louvers in the right position. Add another $6.50 for each 5 foot section.
Frequently, when the fascia is not plumb, that situation will also require the horizontal spacers to get the louvers into position. We even had a roof that each bracket needed an angular adapter and two horizontal spacers!

- We can Do a Professional Estimate -

Our professional assessment will include a written detailed list of materials in case you decide to do it yourself or hire a handyman. It also includes as much email or phone help as you need. The actual estimate itself can run from $600 on a small house or a partial installation, to over $2000 on a large home.

So, if you live around the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, and want to absolutely know for sure, exactly what the installation will cost, call us or write us, with your address, and we will get back to you to arrange a time that's best for you. We can make a trip out to your home to do a Guaranteed Bid, for $32 to $65, depending on your location. If you decide to get the installation done by us, this Bid fee will be discounted from your final cost.
If you're not in the vicinity of D/FW, we would still be glad to help you by phone or email, or you may contact us for trip charge rates.

Thank you for visiting RainSpray.com today.